Why better to use the specific care of tattoo kit

Today the best tattoo artists in the world use specific new generation care Kits. Various brands and types have appeared on the market, all without petrolatum or parabens and with high quality ingredients, often natural and dermatologically tested.

Many Kits have soaps in foam and others in gel. They have specific repairing creams that accelerate the reconstruction of damaged skin or special protective plastics for healing, which replace the skin until the tattoo is healed.

With the use of these specific kits for tattoo care, the healing and normalization time has been significantly reduced compared to the past, thus allowing better results in terms of color rendering: thanks to the kits, in fact, after only 3 days the tattoo already begins to peel (instead of the old 7/15 days!), thus downloading less color and eliminating in 90% of cases the problem of rewriting.

For this reason, unlike most emerging tattoo artists, we do not use and do not recommend creams such as Bepanthenol to our clients.