Evil Machines in this specific period had to change its internal guidelines.
As always, we will provide you with an excellent health security system.
Certain of your cooperation, we provide you with new guidelines for safe access to study services:



  • Customer access is only allowed by appointment, by telephone or email.
  • The client can access the studio exclusively by himself and without escorts.
  • Every day the body temperature is measured to staff and customers, preventing access in the cases established.
  • We ask you to be punctual, not early or late.
  • The customer must be equipped with a NEW bagging mask WITHOUT valve and to wear when entering the studio. If you are not available, you should inform the study the day before.
  • Inside the studio the client will find the hand sanitizer and advanced disinfection methods for the shoes.
  • The customer must deposit his personal belongings in disposable bags that we will provide you.
  • In our studio will be performed single sessions every other day, so that you will only be the tattoo artist with the single client in the same room.
  • The air conditioning system works completely excluding the air recirculation function.
  • In case of general or symptomatic illness of the flu and cold before or after the date of the appointment, the customer is required to give early notice to the study.
  • Due to the new provisions we anticipate that you will need to fill in informed consent with the addition of the Covid section.