How to request information for a Portrait


Fifteen years ago it seemed unthinkable that photographic realism could be achieved on the skin. Tattoo machines and inks weren’t at today’s levels. Although the realistic tattoo, especially in Italy, had not yet established itself, Lorenzo already offered very detailed tattoos that pursued a certain realism, convinced that that would be the future of international tattooing. With the emergence of realistic tattooing worldwide in recent years and with the advent of new tattoo materials, Lorenzo has only found the confirmation of his path, managing to obtain ever more real results in his works, in particular way in portraits and in the greatest artistic compositions. Today the portraits of famous people such as actors, sportsmen or singers are among the most requested and popular realistic works!

To get an excellent result, however, it is always necessary to start from a high definition photo and a fair skin without the presence of too many moles or freckles. Photos from mobile phones and amateur family albums are rarely a good choice …

These are works that can take more than one session, depending on the amount of detail that the portrait can present.

Lorenzo is an established tattoo artist in the field of Realistic Tattoo and will advise you on the best result! You can ask for information about the feasibility of new works or covers, by contacting him on the official email: .

Remember to attach: photo of the part to be tattooed, image of the subject you would like and a brief description. Also remember to enter your name and a telephone contact. We will get back to you as soon as possible. For all other information you can call +39.06.7024336. See you soon!