Needle Cannula vs American Needle

The American Piercing Needles are very different in terms of geometry and level of quality of the sharpened part, from the needles for infusion called “cannula”. Sterile and extremely sharp, made exclusively for the practice of piercing, they guarantee less trauma and less risk of cutting with raised edges, with a reduction in bleeding (often non-existent when used by expert personnel) and better healing over time. The cost of an American needle piercing will always be repaid by a work of better quality and safety.

Have you ever wondered why many people use the cannula needle instead of the American one to pierce? Let’s see the main analogies that have these two tools:
– the American needle and cannula are pre-sterilized with gamma radiation.
Everything here… In fact:
– the needle cannula never reaches the sharpness level of the American needle.
– the cannula is that plastic straw which is used in the insertion of the jewel after drilling. It is attached to the end of the needle, and is slightly larger than the needle diameter, so during the insertion of the jewel the hole undergoes a trauma due to the passage of the latter. The alternative, that is to use a smaller cannula than the jewel, also causes problems. The skin thus undergoes a slight stretch and a less fluid passage of the jewel.
– the cannula can also collapse in extreme cases, that is, it bends and this leads to more skin stress.

The best choice is always the American needle.