Navel Piercing

The hole in the navel, a sign of royal rank for the ancient Egyptians, was forbidden to ordinary people, and therefore, a deep navel was very valuable. It is counted among the aesthetic and erotic piercings.

Today this piercing is the most popular, but it cannot be practiced on everyone: the feasibility depends on the anatomy of the navel. As always, it is important to choose a professional piercer, to avoid unsuitable punctures. Equally important is the alignment of the holes: if the piercing is done well, migration and rejection problems are avoided.

It is the piercing that takes the longest to heal: up to 9 months! This is why it is extremely important to continue to treat him even after he heals, which occurs around the first month. The choice of the jewel after healing is an important thing: you must always choose high quality materials so to eliminate the possibility of problems, allergies or rejections.

The bananas that are implanted are often longer than normal to maximize healing and prevent the swelling of the first few days can create problems. THEY NEED TO CHANGE after the first month with a suitable size! In fact, rejection problems are usually associated with bumps or tears, due to the length of the implant earring.sociated with bumps or tears, due to the length of the implant earring.

Always choose high quality Wildcat jewelry!