Get a Microdermal

The microdermal consists of a small titanium anchor with a screw pin on which it is possible to attach jewels as glitter or pendants. The part that is under the skin is round, very small.

The fact that it is made of titanium limits the risk of infections and prevents discards, because the latter is an extremely compatible material with the body.
A microdermal if left untreated can become infected, so as with all piercings it is good to be very careful about hygiene. If we have decided to make the microdermal on very exposed areas, such as the arm or elbow, we need to pay more attention not to hit the area, to avoid tearing that could cause irritation or injury.

The positioning of the anchor is very important for all the reasons stated above. So choosing a professional piercer with experience and using high quality materials is always the most important thing.

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