Lip Piercing

The Lip piercing has been widely practiced all over the world, but it is among the tribal cultures that it finds greater historical confirmation. Two tribes in the world pierced their lips by inserting a ring: the Dogon of Mali and the Nuba of Ethiopia.

There are various types of lip piercings: the Vertical Labret, the Medusa, the Monroe, the Labret, the Dahlia, the Snake, the Spider, the Angel, the Dolphin, the Cyber, the Canine and the Shark. The Vertical Labret, the Medusa, the Monroe, the Labret are the most requested while the others are practiced more often by people closely related to the piercing culture.

The important thing is to choose a good piercer, with experience and who uses high quality materials, so as to have a perfect hole. Be wary of cannula needles and non-certified materials.

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