Sometimes it is necessary to implant a jewel of larger sizes than the final ones. When your piercing is healed you will need to carefully choose the right size and the right material for the new piercing.

ALWAYS ask when making piercings: 1st which material and brand of jewel will be implanted, 2nd size of the jewel, 3rd if definitive or if it should be replaced after the first healing period.
When your piercing is healed you need to carefully choose the right material for the new piercing.

The absolute best material we recommend is Titanium because it is extremely light and resistant, has a very high biocompatibility and is completely nickel free.

In the case in which particular sports are practiced, it is possible to use PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), because it is a flexible material and therefore, by its very nature, attenuates torsions and impacts. It is also recommended for women in the first months of pregnancy who have navel piercings, because this material adapts very well to the shape of the body. It is nickel free.

Another material that is used very often is 316LW Surgical Steel. Unlike other brands, Wildcat surgical steel does NOT contain traces of nickel, it is nickel FREE so it can also be used on those with allergies.

Other materials often used for the lobes are wood and horn which do not contain nickel and are still light. However, the processing of these materials is very important from the point of view of the smoothing and geometries that are made. Beware of “too artisanal” and low cost products.

Always choose Wildcat jewelry: world leader in piercing jewelry!