“Der Steppenwolf” Wolf by Lorenzo

“Thus are born, precious and fleeting foam of happiness above the sea of ​​suffering, all the works of art in which a man who suffers rises for a moment so much above his own destiny that his happiness shines like a star and appears to those who see it as an eternal thing, as their own dream of happiness. “

” You are right, wolf of the steppe; a thousand times right, yet you must perish. For this modern world, simple, comfortable, easily contented, you have too many demands, too much hunger, and it rejects you because you have an extra dimension. Those who want to live today and enjoy life must not be like you or me. Those who demand music instead of meow, joy instead of fun, soul instead of money , work instead of activity, passion instead of play, for him this beautiful world is not a homeland … “

Have you ever read the novel by Hermann Hess” Der Steppenwolf “, better known in Italy as” Der Steppen Wolf “? From that novel that Lorenzo drew inspiration for this realistic tattoo.

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