Choose based on quotes … and instead of others!

If we can give you some advice: you have to choose the studio where you want to get a tattoo on other assumptions and not just on estimates.

In fact, the artistic ability, the seriousness and the hygiene of the studio are all indispensable things and must all be evaluated in person! So if a friend of yours is interested in getting a tattoo, you need to come by or call him, to establish the size of the subject based on his build, skin quality, presence of moles, etc. it is not possible to evaluate the feasibility of a job through third parties, nor to receive a quote without having established anything, because it would be neither serious nor professional.

Evil Machines only creates customized artistic compositions: we do not make copies of tattoos already performed by others or subjects aesthetically left to chance … we offer you over 28 years of experience instead! So take heart and if you like to have a completely personalized work of art come and visit us!