Lip Piercing

The practice of lip piercing has been widely practiced all over the world, but, also in this case, it is among the tribal cultures that the practice finds greater historical confirmation. Only two tribes in the world pierced the lips by inserting a ring, that Dogon of Mali and Nuba of Ethiopia. In other parts of the world wooden, ivory or metal pins are used. There are various types of piercings to the lips. We have the vertical Labret, Medusa, Monroe, Labret, Dahlia, Snake, Spider, Angel, Dolphin, Cyber, the canine and the Shark. The Labret and the Monroe are those more in demand while all the others have remained of the piercings practiced on people closely tied to the culture of the piercing. The important thing is to choose a good piercer that uses high quality materials and make the hole to perfection. Be wary of canula needles and of unregulated materials of origin.