Wildcat is officially founded in Brighton, England in 1989. Wildcat founder John Donoghue starts selling piercing jewellery. At that time, the piercing scene was still lacking in form, choice, and above all in quality. John studies the material characteristics and compatibilities and starts his own jewellery production. Fun fact: John chooses the name ‘Wildcat’ after watching a documentary about wild cats that fascinated him. In 1990 Wildcat develops the Flesh Tunnel for the ear, a concept that spreads rapidly in the scene.

1996 • The company Wildcat Germany was founded. Another milestone for the industry: Wildcat starts producing its collection in Germany. The technical possibilities of the production facility in Germany allow for the first time the high-quality processing of TITANIUM piercing jewellery as we know it today.

2002 • Wildcat becomes the official maker of jewellery for the movie “THE LORD OF THE RINGS”… including The One Ring!

2010 • For the first time, Wildcat offers a printed catalogue and this is  the year in which the collaboration with the boys of Miami Ink was born.

2011 • Another world patent is granted: HEALIUM is a new line of piercing jewellery in which an antimicrobial substance has been added to the jewellery. It is the world’s first material that actively supports the healing of new piercings.

2015 • Following the opening of the Gronau office and several stores throughout Germany, Wildcat is now the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of piercing jewellery.