It is not always a good decision to choose your tattoo artist or piercer just because he has the health and technical requirements.
Here at Evil Machines, we have always given importance to hygiene, sterile and disposable materials, and to the protection of used materials with disposable casings.
The quality of all our products is in constant upgrading and it is always at the top of the range, even the certification and the technical schedules.
A private firm disposes of the waste, as expected to protocol.


-What happen after the tattoo?

The tattoo is a superficial skin lesion.
THE HEALING PROCESS usually takes 3/5 weeks. It has two steps: CICATRIZATION and NORMALIZATION. The first one starts right after the tattoo. It includes the making of cuticles and scabs, which will fall after 1/2 weeks. The normalization process: the skin looks dry and may hitch. This step has a variable longevity, depending on the skin. It usually takes 2/3 weeks (cellular turnover). In this period the skin may need to be hydrated again.

– How long does it take to heal my tattoo?

The healing time is subjective and depends on the attention given to the tattoo care.
With specific products today, the healing time has highly decreased.
Usually after 3 days the tattoo already starts to get skinned (in the past it needed at least 1/2 weeks!).
The normalization with specific products lasts 1/2 weeks (in the past it needed at least 2/3 weeks!)days. WITH THE SPECIFIC PRODUCTS the tattoo heals within 10/18 days … instead of 3/5 weeks!

– Can I take a shower after the tattoo?

Yes, but only using the specific soap to wash the tattoo.
If normal soaps go over the tattoo there will be no problem, just remember to not use them directly on the tattoo.

– How should I cover my tattoo?

You will need to cover it with cooking film only for the first day and night.

– My tattoo keeps being itchy in the healing time, is it normal?

Yes, this usually happens after the first week and can last for a month too.
To get some relief, try to softly hit the tattoo with a bit of the specific REPAIRING CREAM.
DO NOT scratch it! That will make the itching grow!

– When can I expose the tattoo to the sun light?

Do not expose the tattoo to the sun light or lamps for a month.
Always remember to protect your tattoos with sunscreen in the years to avoid chemical alterations of the pigments by the solar radiation.

– Can I go to the swimming pool, sea, spa or sauna?

If you treated your tattoo with the right products and in the right way, you will be able to go back to swimming pool, sea, spa or sauna after the first week.

– Can I practice sports or any other physical activity?

If you treated your tattoo with the right products and in the right way, you will be able to practice sports or any other physical activity after 5 days.

– Is there any chance to deform my tattoo by going to gym and increasing mass?

No. It may happen only in the case of a fast gain of mass (more than 10/15 kg at least)

– Can a tattoo on the belly be ruined by a pregnancy?

No. It may happen only if the tattoo is over big stretch marks.

– Why is a tattoo indelible?

Because pigments are put in to the derma.

– Does it hurt?

It is more generally considered a nuisance more than a pain.
If you want to avoid as much pain as possible, try to eat and be rested before getting a tattoo.
Assuming alcohol or drugs is highly unsuggested, as it may cause disease, more bleeding, and difficulties in the execution of the tattoo.

– Can I get tattooed over moles, stretch marks or scars?

You can’t get tattooed on moles.
You can usually get a tattoo on stretch marks, unless they are too deep.
You can get tattooed on scars depending on the skin damage.

– Is it always possible to cover or touch up a tattoo?

In most cases, No!
A serious tattoo shop doesn’t cover or touch up any kind of tattoos,
Only the ones which are clearly horrific or made by amateurs, and only in the case of certain good result of the work.
It is also unethical to put hands over another artist work, so this is another reason why we avoid this kind of works.