Nose Ring

The nose piercing, one of the most famous between the women, is very ancient.
Many tribal tribù were usual practice it. We already find traces among australian aborigines, in Medio Oriental population and within American Native. For this last one, for exemple, it used from the leader to indicate his elevate social status.
The principal people that gave an importance to this particular piercing has been that Indian. More recent has been relaunched by the subculture Hippie and practiced in the left nostril, note in honor of the Indian tradition. In little time it has become a symbol of rebellion, associabile to the subcultures Punk, Rock and Gothic.
Today it has lost this meaning and it has become of common use, above all for the person that approaches for the first time to the world of the piercing because it is one of the piercing performed peggiormente unfortunately, mostly fact with the gun. The wrong execution of the channel of the hole and her not verticalities of the execution in comparison to the nostril prevent a correct recovery and the interchangeability of the jewels.

You practise sport and you have piercing?

Do you know that exists piercings in PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), light and flexible therefore they don’t hit you in your workout.
In our studio you find this piercings and many other in different material all branded Wildcat, leader in piercing sector.

Tattoo and MRIs (Not CAT Scan)

The new rumors of the web is “do you know that who is tattooed cannot make MRIs because he will remain burnt?” Truth is this: there are unfortunately in circulation tattoo inks not to norm, with a tall quantity of metals and damaging to the human body, above all those of old generation. These types of inks are dangerous both in the case you make a MRIs, both in the case you don’t make it, just because they contain substances not a norm and toxic for the body. Essential is always choose a study whether to tattoo you that has some norm material, with SDS (safety cards) and European Certification of all ink. For the CAT Scan in every case, there is not any complication.

Wildcat jewelery in sales

We inform our customers that Evil Machines for the month of December there will be many offers on all the Wildcat jewelery.
316LW surgical steel (without nickel), titanium, PTFE, 925 silver; all kinds of jewelery branded Wildcat, leader in the Piercing industry.
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